Pillow Talk

Let’s talk PILLOWS... After a long day at work, I just like to come home, take a shower and lay on my sofa (chill mode on). On my sofa is the place where I relax, unwind and connect with my inner self. If I am feeling down or demotivated, I just lie there and reflect on the day. It goes without question that being the stylist that I am, everything I do, has to be in style. Just so, to style up my comfy sofa, I added some pillows that reflected my personal style: comfort, simplicity and bohemian influences.
These pillows are by Be creative and handmade personalized and besides the fact that they are uttermost fabulous, they are 100% handmade! Each pillow shows a quote in gold letters. I chose quotes I can relate to and which inspire me. “She believed she could so she did” is my favorite! So if you would've asked me why you need a handmade pillow, I would've told you that it's really simple, handmade is better! Not only do you support a local entrepreneur, but it's custom made to fit your style. Quick styling tip: to add some style to your sofa, add pillows of different sizes and layer them in front of and next to each other. Choosing the right sizes for your pillows and selecting the right colors are the key to creating a comfy, yet stylish, look. When choosing your colors, keep in mind that pastel and neutral colors are calming to the mind. Pillows definitely bring more life to your boring old sofa.
That’s it for today’s post! Remember to support a local entrepreneur and buy handmade!

Handmade pillows: Be creative and handmade personalized & Photography: Raies Wolfram

DSC04091 copy.jpg
DSC04091 cxopy.jpg

Low key Poolside

Just as icy as the snow is falling in other parts of the world in December, the sun is dazzling in the Suriname sky. It can be the most hectic time of the year at work and we often forget to take care of ourselves. Its is important that we take a break from all the stress, some people do this by getting their nails done or by treating themselves to a facial. In my case, I like to go to the Greenheart Hotel at the Costerstraat, with a low key pool with a beautiful colonial architecture and a peaceful vibe. That's where I can forget all worries, even if it is just for a while, and just try to nourish myself with some Vitamin D. The Costerstraat is currently my favorite street, because it is here where you can find some of my favorite past times: great food and divine yoga! The most delicious pizza bread and brownies can be found at Tout Tout Petit, THE place to be for sweet tooths like me and it's just a stroll away from the Greenheart hotel. Need some yoga in your life to connect your mind, body and soul? Go to the Namaste yoga studio! Namaste is located next to Souposo, a charming, cozy and trendy restaurant where you can find the most exotic flavors and which is conveniently located a few houses away from Tout Tout Petit.

Bikini: H&M

Handmade tote bag & customized water bottle: Be creative and handmade personalized

Photography: Raies Wolfram

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IMG_4749 copy.jpg

Golden Girl

Just as off as Suriname without sunshine sounds, the same goes for December without gold. After all, Gold is the color of the sun, light and happiness and that is exactly what December in Suriname stands for; a lot of sunshine, warmth, and ultimate joy. Shiny metallic outfits or accessories give that feeling of class, sophistication and attract a lot of attention (For those who like to shine and love to be seen) and, besides, sparkle, glitz and shine are always associated with festive activities. I mean, it's THE month we love to celebrate the most, all cultures alike. We spend most of December planning out our holiday looks. You know that we all need to plan for what we're wearing to the annual office bash, what we're wearing for casual family celebrations, what we're wearing to our BFF gift-exchange, and, of course, what we're wearing when the clock strikes at midnight. My tip for this December, is to be fearless, be bold and if you want to go for full gold, strive to keep this 24-karat color in perfect balance. I'm so in love with this culotte romper!! It is so light, comfy and so casual chic. You can be playful by adding a belt or create a more office feel by just throwing a black blazer over your shoulder. In my case, I wanted a going-for-a-fancy-dinner look, so I added bohemian earrings & a necklace. Don't wait for Santa, and spoil yourself with the most comfiest classy block sandals by Kolosh. 

 Romper by BCBGeneration & Bracelets by Lauren G Adams from boutique Max-N-Co

Thanks to the beautiful hotel, Palacio, for their hospitality.

Make up artist: Daymon Hirosemito & Photography: Raies Wolfram



My Dark Holiday

For my Holiday glamour concept, I wanted something dark and mysterious with a hint of sparkle. I needed to find a perfect combination of gloominess with elegance. For the first time I wanted to go for a different look, a little out of the ordinary, and not for another cliche holiday style. It was easy to pick this dress from BCBGeneration, the new brand which Max-N-Co is introducing, and matching the dress with some cutting-edge silver accessories. I still can't believe that you can get this gorgeous shimmering maxi dress for only $128 (Yes, that's right!). It is not only elegant and holiday ready but also very affordable! Are you looking for a beautiful statement bangle like mine? Lauren G Adams jewelry is brought to life in high quality enamel with 18k gold, rhodium, rose gold or ruthenium plating over base metal (all crystals are from Swarovksi). The designs are always feminine with an urban, edgy twist on classic aesthetics. 

 Dress by BCBGeneration & Bracelets by Lauren G Adams from boutique Max-N-Co

Thanks to the beautiful hotel, Palacio, for their hospitality.

Make up artist: Daymon Hirosemito & Photography: Raies Wolfram

DSC05161-2 copy.jpg

The Style Squad

Let me introduce you to my style squad! Chantal, Kay and I are not only friends but a fierce career driven trio, each bring strengths to the table. For any idea that comes up in my head my squad can make it happen, they are with me when it works and with me even when it doesn't. 

So, for all my fashion loving career people who is a part of your squad? 

Some say love never lasts but we know the love of fashion is forever. 

(Clothes: Max-N-Co)

Photography: Romeo.K Photography, Mua: Chantal Jie Foeng Sang, Hairstyling: Kay van Dal & styling: me

group edit finaly.jpg
I started in 2011, with beauty. I started with hairtyling and makeup. I always knew I was interested in what the beauty world has to offer and I would like to experience every step of such road.
My dream is to once have a beauty house and help others grow in this branche.
— Kay van Dal (make up artist & hairstylist)
I started working at BodynSoul Studio and I also encouraged myself to enter a fashion competition called Fashion Fest by MAFB. I grew up watching my mom go door to door to do people’s hair and that triggered my love for fashion. My goal in the fashion industry is to continue to learn and grow from all the experiences and do all things with passion.
— Chantal Jie Foeng Sang (Make up artist)
In 2009 I decided to start blogging, style & photograph my own concepts. After a few years I was hired by the largest retail company in Suriname as a marketing coordinator. After 3 years I left the company to consult and continued to be involved in fashion as a fashion stylist. I’m grateful I get to do what I love everyday. My goal is keep inspiring and to help them express themselves.
— Deborah Cher (fashion stylist)

Look we love

123 days left until 2018! Yes, that's right we need to look chic AF for holidays, casual dinners and parties. Style is all about merging the old with the new. This look was inspired by Great Gatsby novel and the roaring twenties. How about mixing timeless pieces such as pearls, rhinestones, faux feathers, sequins & silk all together. Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

(Ylva: long dress and long necklace by Galaxy)

Photography: Romeo.K Photography, Mua & hair: Chantal Jie Foeng Sang, Styling done by me. Need styling advice? Make contact here!


The Fall Essentials 2017

Florals are perfect, and not only suitable for formal wear, but they're definitely day wear approved! Here's my own mix and match of black, fringes and floral. If you're short (1.57) just like me try to wear high waisted pants that elongate your legs. I'm wearing a floral halter bodysuit with chiffon high waisted wide leg pants and completing my look with some bad ass gold rings and versatile sequin scarf. Gorgeous Ylva is wearing the black fringe dress with bright popping floral embroidered backpack. Adding these elements of Fall 2017 together creates a playful, classy, creative and wearable look. 

(Outfit, jewelry & bag by Galaxy)

Photography: Romeo.K Photography, Mua & hair: Chantal Jie Foeng Sang, Styling done by me. Need styling advice? Make contact here!

  Fall 2017

Fall 2017

Wild Thoughts

It's ugly, until Riri decides it not. The Caribbean babe, Rihanna, is definitely this week's inspiration. Early June, she released her new video "Wild Thoughts'' and her outfit is just cool. A wild and free spirit combination of prints and colors run this sunny summer ready outfit. I also selected the colors, Flame & Primrose yellow, because they're 2 of top 10 colors for spring 2017 and of course they're prime colors in '' Wild Thoughts" video. Ylva (Left) is rocking the floral bodysuit and pants like no one does, the color goes  great with her skin tone. I decided to give myself some prints & colors as well and adding extra gold tones to complement my style. The best part about this style is the ten dollar see-through sunglasses, because we all know the 00s trends are back! 

(Outfit, earrings, sunglasses & shoes by Galaxy)

Photography: Romeo.K Photography, Mua: Chantal Jie Foeng Sang, Styling done by me. Need styling advice? Make contact here!

Craving Sun

Sun's out, shoulders out! Sometimes my shoulders just crave the Suriname sun. I'm loving the stripes and off shoulder sleeves of this fun piece. Showing some shoulder is flirty and pairing it with a pencil skirt it the perfect mix of trends right now. Off the shoulder sleeves can be paired with; your always-on-the-go jeans, shorts or pretty much anything, but adding metallic dangly earrings and a neutral shoe gives an instant chic feel.

(Dress & earrings: Juicy , sandals: Cape Robbin)

Photography: Romeo.K Photography, Mua: Chantal Jie Foeng Sang, Styling by me

Lucid Dreams

Feeling inspired and with all this encouragement surrounding me, i've got the blogging bug. My goals are to be consistent with my posts and hopefully inspire others in fashion, a girl can dream. I'm glad I can reflect myself through my style and show some genuine LUV. Believe it or not, I got this dress for a penny and and my wallet could not be more excited. This dress has your girl feeling Choice, resonating a wild child vibe from the 60s on her way to the roaring free spirit festival. Add a stack of Indian bangles to create an instant boho feel and a pair of retro yellow aviator sunglasses, after all, why not take control of your dreams. 


(Dress bought at a thirft store, sandals: Aldo, sunglasses: Amazon.com, )

Photography: ACEWLBRN, Assistant: Kristi Tjon  & Maygan Hogenboom, Styling by me

Ray of Light

Lately I've been obsessed with ruffles & pleats! (I must admit, don't tell the others) This top is definitely one of my favorite delicate pieces I have. I mixed texture and colors to create a cool alternative to your daily look, adding a nothing-but-basic mermaid sequin envelope bag, gypsy fringe hoop earrings and a suede block ankle strap sandals make this look a Ray of Light.  

(Jeans: Fidelity, sandals: Aldo, envelope bag: BCBGMAXAZRIA, )

Photography: ACEWLBRN, Assisant: Kristi Tjon  & Maygan Hogenboom, Styling by me

Fire the Fortress

Let's delve into a new world of fashion architecture. I'm talking about about the Australian brand, Asilio. Designed in Melbourne by Cynthia Farchione, Asilio defines modern graphic elegance through a range of sartorial pieces. Asilio reflects femininity with a combination of unique textured fabrics, minimal design & characterized colour palette to create a new provocative mood. I personally love this dress, it accentuates your curves & it highlights the floating side panels at the hemline. Asilio is sold exclusively at  Max-N-Co


(Dress: Asilio "Fire the Fortress knit" dress, earrings: BCBGMAXAZRIA, Nails: Essie "Material Girl")

Photography: Nigel Alex Fokké , Mua: Make-up Artist Tanielle & Styling by me



_DSC3101 copy the throne.jpg
_DSC3130 copyfire.jpg

Denim Talk

Feeling so encouraged to pick up where I left. Despite all the unpredictable circumstances that took place this year, I can only allow myself to grow and let myself loose in things I love the most. First, I had such an honor to showcase this denim dress by one of my fav local designer, Christel Nirk. Her architectural designs is known to evoke empowerment to the wearer. Second, this dress is not exactly a dress, it's a romper!  How rad is that! Lastly, This romper dress has pockets to fill with personal goodies. Another reason to like this piece! 

(Dress: Christel Nirk, Heels: Footcandy, Sunnies: Quay Australia, Bracelet: Talula)

Photography: Romeo K. & Mua by Daymon Hirosemito